Friday, March 26, 2010

This is my first BLOG ever

BeLive is in BLOG world now. Yee Haw!
I am going to try to manage this and add
something at least every couple days. With
everything I have going on in life, I will do
my best ok. I have a YouTube channel that
I make videos for every day. Today I had an
afro wig on and talked about potential NFL
gig, my Kabbalah studies and about being a
Deadhead and Grateful Dead tour. My son
was born on Dead Tour and saw many shows.
They are short videos but sweet, between
2-5 minutes. They will get longer when I am
able to purchase an actual camera because as of
now I use my Palm Pre phone, it has an option
that let's me add the video directly to YouTube
and Facebook. My YouTube channel is at Speaking
of Facebook (,
I had 5000 friends on an account that took me a
long time to create that FB deleted. I believe it
was because I sent 25 or so private messages with a
link to my newer profile to people that wanted to
be my friend. I had to create a new profile since I
had reached my limit. I don't think it was because I
had another profile but just because I had sent over
the limit of private messages with a link in it. I found
out from a friend that they monitor it by algorithms
and that after a certain amount of links they erase your
account. I made a petition with FB to get my account
back but won't know for weeks. I am just living as if
they won't give it back to me and building my network
back up.

On another note, I am a co-creator of the LA Raw Bazaar with my close friends Baruch
and Maya ( April 11th will be our
3rd monthly bazaar and we are extremely grateful in the
response. We have amazing sponsors, vendors, well known
speakers and music. It is from 11am-5pm. We are very
excited to be premiering our future restaurant that we plan
on opening in Beverly Hills/West Hollywood area at this
next bazaar.... YAY!!

I wouldn't miss it if you are in LA.

We will be doing an after party at Peace Yoga Gallery
( this month from 7pm-midnight

Other than that, please check out my website at and if you'd like to follow me
on Twitter it is

Many blessings and much love to you!

Thanks so much!

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